From Data to Insights, Fast.

Empowering businesses through innovative data solutions.

By accelerating data science with automated data processing and machine learning.

Save time & money


Cost savings for data needs up to 80% per year by enabling data-driven decision making. 


Revenue growth by process optimization, improved customer experience and innovation.


30 times faster from raw data to insights by reducing manual data processes. 

Simplify your work -  make data-driven decisions - accelerate your workflow

What is HumaTx?

HumaTx is providing a no-code Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform to gain actionable insights into data, fast.

At HumaTx, we understand the importance of data-driven decision making, and we are committed to empowering businesses of all sizes with the tools they need to succeed in today's competitive marketplace.


No Coding

You don't have to code to get insight to your data. Select an AI model that suits you or use our DIY AI by creating individualized AI models at the click of a button.

Automated Data Integration

You never have to integrate your data from different sources manually again. You can upload different datasets. Our platform is data source agnostic. 

Customizable Visualization

Get actionable insights on your data. 

How does HumaTx work?

HUMATX is perfect for experts and non-techies alike who are not familiar with the intricacies of data science.


Upload Datasets

Automated Data Ingestion, Cleaning & Exploration. 


Choose AI Model

Fast Experimentation & Analysis.
Choose one of our pre-defined generic and specialized AI models to analyze your data. 


Get Inisghts

Customizable Visualizations. Gain actionable insights to improve your productivity and save costs. 

Partners who are trusting us

Garage 48
data4EUrecovery  Hackathon

Hacking from Idea to MVP. Data extraction and centralisation for better decision making.(Former MyVitale Data & AI PaaS Team) 

European Commission
European Commission
data4EUrecovery Accelerator

Intensive 3-month long acceleration programme, with workshops & one-on-one coaching with industry experts and technical mentors.

Cyberlab Humatx
Startup BW
Cyberlab Accelerator

The CyberLab is the IT accelerator of the state of Baden-Württemberg. The accelerator is preparing promising start-ups from the IT and high-tech sectors for market entry. Behind the CyberLab is the CyberForum, the largest regionally active with around 1,200 members in Europe.

Humatx Winner Data4eurecovery

Winner - data4EUrecovery Hackathon

So exited to have won the challenge of: Data extraction and centralization for better decision making. The price - 3 months acceleration program and a pilot project with MyVitale. 

Platform Plans


Per month

Number of options

  • Data source Integration   5
  • EDA options                  2
  • Generalized AI              3 
  • Visualization tools          1


Per month

Number of options

  • Data source Integration    7
  • EDA options                   3
  • Generalized AI               6
  • Specialized AI                2
  • Visualization tools           2


Per month

Number of options

  • Data source Integration     10
  • EDA options                     7
  • Generalized AI                 10
  • Specialized AI                  2
  • Visualization tools             3
  • + Expose your trained models via API

About our experienced team

We are an dynamic, agile and innovative team. Striving for simple and customer-centric solutions. Our goal ist to democratize AI and to accelerate Data Science processes.

*Combined experience in years
Data Science 

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